Fresh Chantarelles

Seasonal Offering

Our Chantarelle Offering

Enjoy the seasonal mushroom classic in August.

Our this year's chantarelle offering

This August we offer the popular edible mushroom in various variations – in a traditional Austrian way, as side to a hearty meat dish or as light summer salad.

Enjoy at our restaurant freshly prepared chantarelles in a hearty cream sauce served with dumpling slices and cranberries or tender medaillons of pork tenderloin with chantarelles in cream and homemade rosemary wedges. As light and vegan alternative for hot summer days we offer a quinoa-chantarelle-salad with fresh baby spinach and hummus.

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The fine golden yellow chantarelle is considered as one of the most popular edible mushrooms.

About Chantarelles

Chantarelles (lat.: Cantharellus cibarius) belong to the most popular edible mushrooms in Europe. They are charaterised by its mildly peppery taste (therefore its German name, Pfifferling). 

Because of its high amount of protein, potassium and vitamin D the chantarelle is one of the healthiest mushrooms. Hence it serves as valuable source of minerals and this although it consists of roughly 92% water.

Origin & Geographical Distribution

Chanterelles sprout from June till late autumn in Europe’s deciduous and coniferous forests. However, they also grow in Australia, South and North America as well as northern Asia. Advantageous for a high yield chantarelle season is a rainy but warm summer.

Since the mushroom can only flourish with the fine roots of certain tree types, it can not be breeded. Chantarelles grow mostly near spruces, beeches, oaks, birches and pines.