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Here you will find information about our current offerings and other topic related content.


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Inform yourself about our seasonal offerings, our current offer of the week, new dishes and drinks on our menu as well as current events at our restaurant and in the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz.

Moreover, you will find here interesting articles about various topics, like for example beer or the German and Austrian cuisine.


The Lindenbräu magazine

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  • Our Christmas offer

    Enjoy the best time of the year with your loved ones at the Lindenbräu in the Sony Center.

  • Public viewing at Lindenbräu

    We broadcast the matches of the German team as well as all matches from the quarter-finals in our cozy ambience.

  • Our pumpkin offer

    From October 20th, 2022 we will be offering pumpkin dishes again.

  • Our lunch offer

    Enjoy your lunch break at our beer garden or at our rooftop terrace directly inside the Sony Center.

  • Oktoberfest Weeks

    Enjoy Bavarian coziness, traditional food and freshly draught festival beer directly inside the Sony Center.

  • Our Chantarelle Offering

    Enjoy the seasonal mushroom classic in August.

  • Ideas for your trip to Berlin

    The summer can get beautiful even without an overseas travel - discover the diversity of Berlin.

  • The beverage for gods

    A fermented loaf of bread with intoxicating impact was the antecedent of today's beer.

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