The Center

Our location

The Center Potsdamer Platz

The Center, formerly known as Sony Center, was opened in 2000 and is characterised by its unique architecture.

The roof of the Center

Highlight of the modern building complex is the futuristic roof construction, which symbolises a landmark of Japan, the sacred Fujiyama Mountain. In the forum of the Center, where also our restaurant is located, there are exciting events and film premiers all year round.

When night falls the 67 meter high and 102 meter wide roof of the center is enlighted colourfully. The colour change from cyan to magenta is supposed to show a sunset.

History & Modernity

About the Center

The Center encounters history and modernity in an unique way.

A city within the city

The glas and steel dominated ensemble of buildings was designed by the international star architect Helmut Jahn and consists of seven individual buildings which are interconnected via the steel ring of the impressive fanned tent-like roof.

At the center is the light-flooded forum, where numerous events like international film premiers, art fairs or the well known Christmas show take place. Exactly at this forum also our restaurant is located.

The history of the Center

The location where nowadays the Center Potsdamer Platz is, was already in 1920 the center of Berlin. After the square was nearly completely destroyed during the Second World War and subsequently seperated through the Berlin Wall, in 1996 the construction work of the Sony Center started.

The preserved parts of the historical Hotel Esplanade have been integrated into the modern ensemble. In time for the new millennium the Sony Center together with the Lindenbräu was opened in the year 2000.