Our Menu Suggestions

On an individual basis

Menu selection

Compose your individual 2- or 3-course menu from 20 persons.


Large selection

From 20 persons you can compose your individual 2- or 3-course menu for your event. For this you can choose from numerous cold startes, soups, main dishes and desserts.

Also for vegetarians you will find something in our offering. Please note that you can only choose one collective menu for your group.

From 20 persons

Solutions according to your needs

Please choose one collective menu for the whole group.

  • Menu Suggestions

    Compose your individual 2- or 3-course menu from our menu suggestions.

  • Delicacies Menu

    Enjoy our culinary highlights in a 2- or 3-course menu.

  • Alpine packages

    Choose between our two packages Beer & Snacks with an Austrian "Brettljause" or Wine & Cheese.

Special requests

Individual offering

If you still have different wishes or conceptions regarding your menu, we will create an individual offer for you with pleasure.

Non-binding conversation date

We can arrange a non-binding conversation date for discussing the details of your individual offer. For this you can make an appointment at our restaurant and thereby also visit your event location.

To make an appointment you can contact us via restaurant@lindenbraeu-berlin.de or via phone at +49 (0)30 / 200 068 550. We are looking forward to your visit!