Rooftop Terrace

Welcome at our place

Breath­taking view

Watch the lively ambience inside the Sony Center from one of the popular seats at our rooftop terrace.

Our rooftop terrace

Our rooftop terrace is located at the second floor of our restaurant directly inside the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz. From the 88 outdoor seats you can see the whole forum of the Sony Center including our spacious beer garden.

A very special optical highlight is the breathtaking roof construction of the Sony Center, which symbolises the sacred Fujiyama Mountain in Japan. In the evening the impressive roof is enlighted by changing colours.

Rooftop Feeling

Perfect for mild summer evenings

From spring till autumn you can enjoy the propably most popular 88 outdoor seats inside the whole Sony Center.

The perfect place after the cinema

After a cinema visit at our neighbour Cinestar Berlin Sony Center Original you can relax at our rooftop terrace with a freshly draught beer and tradional German food.

As a snack before or after the cinema we recommend for example our homemade Obatz’da – savoury cheese spread from Bavaria served with freshly baked Brezel or house bread.

Rent it for a private party

For special events you can also rent the whole rooftop terrace exclusively for your event. Order a special menu in advance or just à la carte from our extensive menu on site.

For your special event we recommend a beverage flat rate or one of our beverage packages, like for example the beer tasting.