Panorama Kitchen

Welcome at our place

Our panorama area

The panorama area is characterised by its outstanding view of the Sony Center and our show kitchen.

Two optical highlights

In our panorama area entertainment is provided: in this area you can watch the lively ambience inside the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz through the big panoramic window as well as our cooks in the show kitchen.

Moreover, you can look down from the gallery of our panorama area to the beer lobby located on the ground floor. During special events, like for example the football world cup, you also have the best view of our big TV.

Freshly prepared

Our show kitchen

In our show kitchen tarte flambées, grilled chickens, spare ribs and burgers are prepared right in front of your eyes.

Classic tarte flambée

The tarte flambée is coming from Alsace (France) and was originally a by-product of the bakery. To test the temperature of the wood-fired stone ovens a thin slice of dough was put inside.

In order to not throw away the tartes which were touched by the flames, the bakers put sour cream, onions and bacon on it. With this topping also we serve our classic tarte flambée.

Freshly grilled chickens

The grilled chicken has became one of the most popular poultry dishes in the traditional German cuisine since the 19th century. At our place the classic is served freshly grilled with homemade potato-cucumber salad.

During winter season we also grill farmyard ducks in our show kitchen and serve them with potato dumpling and red cabbage.