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Menu and Buffet Suggestions

Inform yourself on this page about our menu and buffet suggestions as well as matching beverage accompaniments.

  • Event Portfolio

    All the necessary information for your event in our restaurant you will find in our event portfolio.

  • Our Buffets

    Our buffets will familiarise you with the culinary regions of delight Berlin, Bavaria and Austria.

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  • Our Menus

    Individual 2- or 3-course menus, the Lindenbräu delicacies menu and our alpine packages

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Beverage Accompaniments

Beverages for your Event

Choose a matching beverage accompaniment to your menu or buffet.

Beverage packages and flat rates

As beverage accompaniment to your menu or buffet we offer beverage packages in three different sizes. Alternatively, you can also book a beverage flate rate for your event and drink as much as you want from selected drinks.

For the start of your event, we recommend either the classic Prosecco as an aperitif or, as a slightly more special choice, our homemade beer cocktail. To finish, we are happy to offer you our homemade brewery punch or our Alpen Shot.

Beer Tasting

Our beer tasting is served on wooden boards with eight 0,2 liter beer glasses for two persons. Here you can taste our Hopfinger Bio Naturtrüb, classic Berliner Pilsner, the traditional Bavarian wheat beer and our dark beer.

If you want to taste more beer specialities, you can have a look at our drinks menu. How about the typical Berliner Weiße with homemade syrup either of herbs or of cherry and ginger.