Potsdamer Platz

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The Potsdamer Platz

The modern Potsdamer Platz is one of Berlin's highest frequented locations.

In the heart of German's capital

The historical Potsdamer Platz is charaterised by its unique mix of culinary, culture, shopping and entertainment. The international film festival Berlinale takes place at the Potsdamer Platz every year in February.

The diversity and multiculturalism is precisely why the Potsdamer Platz – the urban heart of German’s capital – is visited by 110,000 guests every day.

International atmosphere

About the Potsdamer Platz

At this historical venue you nowadays find a multifaceted offering.

Surrounding Sights

There are numerous sights surrounding the Potsdamer Platz, like the Checkpoint Charlie, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, the national gallery, the Cultural Forum, the Berlin Philharmonie or the German Spy Museum.

Moreover, additional highlights for lovers of the arts and culture are provided: In close proximity to the Potsdamer Platz the Daimler Art Collection, the Grand Hyatt Art Collection and the BLUEMAX theater with the show of the Blue Man Group are located.

The history of the Potsdamer Platz

After the Potsdamer Platz was nearly destroyed completely during the Second World War, it was considered as border triangle between the Soviet, the British and the American sector of Berlin.

After the reunification of Germany the Potsdamer Platz turned into the most famous construction site of Europe during the 1990’s: on roughly 70,000 square meters the modern district was newly built.