The brewery inn
in the heart of Berlin


The probably most urban alpine expierence of the world

Traditional German food at the potsdamer square

The brewery inn

Lindenbräu at the Potsdamer Platz

At our house you will enjoy traditional German food and Berlin's beer culture.

What you can expect

This makes us so special

Here you will find only several of the numerous highlights of our culinary offering.

  • Food

    Bavarian brewery classics, Austrian alpine dishes and Berlin's specialities are served at our place.

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  • Drinks

    Apart from different beer specialities you can enjoy selected wines and various non-alcoholic refreshments.

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  • Lindenalm

    Our Lindenalm promises an authentic mountain experience right in the heart of Berlin.

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About our beer selection

Beer pleasure inside the Center

Enjoy a refreshing and chilled beer in one of Berlin's most impressive architectural spaces

Our assortment of beer

Our Hopfinger Bio Naturtrüb is available exclusively at our restaurants: a noble, naturally cloudy beer made from purely organic raw materials and brewed according to our own recipe.

You can also get the local classic Berliner Pilsner, traditional Bavarian wheat beer from the Allgäu, classic dark beer and the Kindl Zwickel – a naturally cloudy cellar beer from the good old days without filtration.

Some product information

About our classics

Did you know that the roast pork knuckle and the Berlin curry sausage are the most popular dishes in our restaurant?

Different styles of pork knuckle

Whereas in the north and west of Germany the pork knuckle is usually cooked or cured and served as “Berlin style”, in the south of Germany the pork knuckle is crispy grilled. Both of this very German meat specialities are made out of the ham hock and are characterised by its very tender meat.

At our restaurant you can enjoy both – the pork knuckle “Berlin style” as well as the Bavarian roast pork knuckle served with bread dumpling.

Original Berlin curry sausage

The invention of the Berlin curry sausage is often attributed to Herta Heuwer, who is supposed to have sold a cooked and then roasted sausage in a sauce of tomato mark, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce and various other ingredients already in 1949 at her snack bar in the Berlin district Charlottenburg.

Of course also we are offering the probably most popular dish of Berlin: in an especially big version with homemade curry sauce and french fries.