Pumpkin Time

Seasonal Offer

Our pumpkin offer

From October 20th, 2022 we will be offering pumpkin dishes again.

About our this year's pumpkin offer

Apart from the autumn classic, the steaming-hot pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seed oil we also offer a tender veal entrecôte with pumpkin-potato-puree and veal jus or fried gnocchi with pumpkin, sheep cheese, pumpkin seeds, pesto and balsamic cream.

Along with this we recommend one of our homemade lemonades or our homemade, naturally cloudy and organic Hopfinger Bio Naturtrüb. After the meal, we recommend for this time of year our brewery punch with forest berries, Williams pear, falernum and chocolate liqueur or our homemade alps-shot.

Some product information

The star of autumn

Pumpkins are only considered as trend vegetable in Europe since several years.

Pumpkin in the history

The culinary pumpkins have their origins in Middle and South America and are considered as basic food of the indigenous population there since more than 10,000 years. Columbus is supposed to brought the pumpkin to Europe after the discovery of America.

In Germany pumpkins were used primarily as animal feed until the 20th century. Only in the last years the autumn classic emerged as variedly prepared vegetable and is getting more and more popular.

Varieties of pumpkin

There are approximately 800 different varieties of pumpkin with different shapes, colours and sizes. Regarding the taste pumpkins are differentiated into mild, floury, sweet, nutty, dry and creamy buttery varieties.

The world record for the heaviest pumpkin is currently 767 kg. To date the biggest German pumpkin was cultivated in 2008 with 604 kg.