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Traditional German food

Our menu will famliarise you with the best of the German cuisine.


Small Menu

In order to have to dispose of as little food as possible in the current situation with a significantly lower number of guests, we decided to offer a smaller menu.

Our specialties such as original Berlin currywurst, crispy pork knuckle, Wiener schnitzel and much more can of course still be found on our menu.

Typically Berlin

The Berlin Curry Sausage

Hopfingerbräu would not be a German restaurant in the heart of Berlin without serving a original Berlin curry sausage.

About our curry sausage

Hardly any other dish is as representative of the capital as the Berlin curry sausage. In a location directly between the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, it is a matter of honor for us to offer this traditional dish.

Come and try our Berlin curry sausage – original “Berlin style” sausage with our daily fresh sauce and french fries. If you prefer spicy food, we offer a special highlight for you: our curry sausage à la Palais with spicy-hot onions.