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Beer pleasure at Branden­burg gate

Apart from different beer specialities you can enjoy selected wines and various non-alcoholic refreshments.


About our beer selection

Try our naturally cloudy Hopfinger Natürtrüb, brewed with purely organic raw materials and according to our own recipe. Or how about the classic Pils from Berliner Kindl? You can also try wheat beer traditionally brewed in Bavaria or the Berliner Kindl Zwickel from the barrel.

And for everyone who can’t decide: 1 Meter Beer with 2 glasses à 0,2 l of each of our beers. Another speciality of our house are the numerous wheat beer mixed drinks and regional Berliner Weisse with different homemade syrups.

Tasty wines

About our wine selection

We offer various white and red wines from awarded wine growers from Austria and Germany.

From dry to fruity...

Our white wines come from the classic wine-growing regions of the Palatinate, Baden, Lower Austria and Burgenland. On our menu you will find dry Riesling, rich Chardonnay, exquisite Grauburgunder and the Grüner Veltliner, which is so popular in Austria.

Most of our red wines also come from wine-growing regions in the east of Austria: dry Pinot Noir, strong Cabernet Sauvignon and fruity Zweigelt can be found on our menu. Those who prefer a German wine can enjoy our full-bodied Merlot from the Palatinate.