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Berlin's Reichstag

The historical building is located in direct proximity to our restaurant.

Visit of the Reichstag Berlin

A visit of the German Bundestag at the Reichstag building is the perfect sightseeing to-do before or after a refreshment at our restaurant.

The rooftop terrace as well as the impressive dome of the building can be visited dailey free of charge but only if you register upfront. Moreover, they are offering guidings daily where you can expect interesting insights of the parliamentary history of Germany.

Sightseeing Highlight

About the German Reichstag

The Reichstag building is the seat of the German Bundestag since 1999.

The history of the Reichstag

The building was constructed in the neo-Renaissance style from 1884 till 1894 and was already used as Reichstag of the German empire back in the days. After severe damaging during the Reichstag fire as well as during the Second World War it was used solely for exhibitions and events in the meantime.

After fundamental transformation and construction of the accessible dome, the German Bundestag is located at the Reichstag again since 1999.

Dome and rooftop terrace

An architectural highlight of the builing is the rooftop terrace with its impressive glas dome, which can be visited. The observation deck at the upper part of the dome is allowing a spectacular panoramic view of Germany’s capital.

The expensive dome construction is 23 meters high, has a diameter of around 40 meters and is giving additional light to the plenary hall through 360 mirrors.