Asparagus Season

Seasonal offer

Asparagus Time

This year we have a very traditional asparagus offer.

About our asparagus offer

At this year’s asparagus season from mid of April to mid of May we have decided for a very traditional offering. Apart from our homemade asparagus soup we offer asparagus from Beelitz with potatoes and homemade Hollandaise sauce.

However, our favourite is the Viennese escalope of veal with asparagus, potatoes and Hollandaise sauce. Come along and enjoy our seasonal delicacies!

Some product information

The star of spring

Asparagus is considered as one of the world's oldest cultivated plants.

From a medicine to a delicacy

The history of asparagus started approximately 5000 years ago in Egypt where asparagus was discovered as food and as medicinal plant. In ancient times the Romans and Greeks developed the first cultivation methods and used asparagus primarily as medicine.

During the 16th century asparagus started to be used in the kitchens of European lords. Today asparagus is considered as one of Germany’s most popular seasonal vegetables.

Asparagus from Beelitz

The area of Beelitz in Berlin’s neighbour Brandenburg is Germany’s second biggest asparagus growing region with 4900 hectares of cultivation land and around 100 companies. Asparagus from Beelitz is nowadays even protected by an EU seal.

Did you know that it is the sun light what makes the asparagus green? The German classic – white asparagus – is cultivated underground, whereas green asparagus is cultivated above ground and so can create chlorophyll.