Brandenburg Gate

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The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is considered as one of Germany's most famous landmarks.

The landmark of Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is the architectural conclusion of the boulevard Unter den Linden and is considered as one of the most famous creations of the German Classicism. The gate is the only preserved one of Berlin’s former 18 city gates.

The sandstone building was standing for the separation of the city into East and West. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall it is a symbol for the unity of Germany.

Sightseeing Highlight

About the Brandenburg gate

The landmark of the metropolis is definetly a must-see.

The history of the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is inspired by the gate buildings of the Athenian Acroplois and was built upon instruction from the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II from 1788 to 1791. Till the Second World War the building was related with the end of the Napoleonic era.

After the widespread wartime destruction the building was reconstructed in 1956. Nowadays the Brandenburg Gate together with the Straße des 17. Juni is considered as Berlin’s assembly point where is enough space for up to one million people.

The New Year's Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate

The New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate is one of the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve open air events. Hundreds of thousands visitors are celebrating the turn of the year at the festivity mile between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column with live bands, DJs and giant firework every year.

The one’s who want to sidestep New Year’s Eve’s hustle and bustle but still want to experience the firework at first hand can reserve a table at our restaurant.