Hopfinger Bio Naturtrüb

Freshly tapped

Hopfinger Berlin Bio Naturtrüb

Discover our unique, unfiltered special beer brewed from purely organic ingredients.

An exclusive beer pleasure

In our beautiful restaurants right in the heart of Berlin you can enjoy the Kellerbier brewed according to our own recipe in a unique atmosphere.

Both in the Lindenbräu at Potsdamer Platz and in the Hopfingerbräu at the Brandenburg Gate, we serve our naturally cloudy special beer exclusively to our guests. Enjoy our beer brewed from purely organic raw materials in a modern brewery ambience with traditional food.

Typical Berlin

Full bodied and 100% organic

Our naturally cloudy special beer convinces with its unique taste and is not only drunk neat.

Our own recipe

Our noble, naturally cloudy special beer, brewed from purely organic raw materials and according to our own recipe, convinces with its unique taste due to a hand-picked composition of different organic malt varieties.

The unfiltered, top-fermented Kellerbier with an alcohol content of 5.2% and an original wort of around 12% promises a full-bodied and balanced beer experience.

Tastes not only pure

Those who know our beer cocktail can no longer do without it.

Prepared from Hopfinger Bio Naturtrüb, white rum, vermouth, rhubarb nectar, elderberry syrup, sour cream, dill tips and Kaffir lime leaves, it convinces even experienced cocktail connoisseurs.

Although a brewpub isn’t usually the first place to go for a top-shelf cocktail, it’s definitely worth a try.